The buggysnuggle footmuff is 100cm long and 46cm wide, making it one of the largest footmuffs on the market. It will fit to at least age 3+.

The bigbug footmuff is longer & wider, designed for older children (6-8 years or up to 130cm tall) & larger special needs pushchairs. 

Our buggysnuggle footmuff fits 99% of pushchairs – we would say ALL pushchairs but that’s just asking for trouble! The top can either be hooked over the back of the seat or tied to the handles, or both. The vertical slits allow for the shoulder to waist straps to be pulled through without undoing them – very, very quick & easy to fit! 

All the buggysnuggle footmuffs are the same basic shape & design and the price difference is purely down to the different fabric. All have 4 layers of fabric (2 on top, 2 underneath) and all the fabrics are top quality.

The bigbug is longer & wider, designed for older children (6-8 years or up to 130cm tall) & larger special needs pushchairs. 

The fleece buggysnuggles are around 3 tog (perfectly warm enough for a typical British winter). The fur & sherpa buggysnuggles are around 4 tog. If it’s a really cold day we recommend that your child wears a fleece or coat as well as being inside the buggysnuggle when you are outside. It’s always important to remember to remove your child’s outer clothes if you then go into a warm environment, such as a shop, so your child does not overheat; you can also unzip the top half of the buggysnuggle. 

Our explorer buggysnuggle range is waterproof on the outside (though we still recommend a rain cover as your child won’t be protected on their top half). However, all the buggysnuggles will protect your baby from a light shower as there are 2 layers of non-absorbent fabric for the rain to get through. 

Yes, our bigbug collection is deisgned to be longer and wider than our standard footmuff so that it can be used by older children in larger special needs pushchairs. It will fit children 6-8 years or up to 130cm tall. 

All our products are machine washable at either 30 or 40 degrees. Some can be tumble dried and some are dry flat. The care label on each product will provide washing instructions.   

Yes, buggysnuggle footmuffs conforms to:

BS EN 1888: 2003


In addition, all the textiles we use conform to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.