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August 6th, 2019: Created by the love of one mum and 20 years later acquired by the love of another .....


Buggysnuggle, is a British brand formed in 1998 by mum Sarah Wickins, when she identified the need for a soft ‘cosy-toes’ type product when she was a parent to small children herself. The first of its kind, Buggysnuggle started from an idea at a baby show to a dining room business run by Sarah and her friend Jo, to a small factory in Salisbury, where it grew quickly to supply retailers such as John Lewis. Many awards, new designs and product improvements later, and always sticking to their philosophy of producing ‘snuggly stuff’, Sarah felt it was time for something new, and began her search for another parent to write the next chapter for the brand. 

Lia Murrain, who had been in the nursery goods industry for many years and is currently a distributor of many award-winning baby brands to many retailers, always had a special love for the Buggysnuggle brand and even retailed it 17 years ago herself. After her first daughter was born, 7 years ago, she became a Buggysnuggle mum herself and always smiled when she was stopped in the street (globally!) to be asked what that snuggly footmuff her daughter was in was called. When her friends & family would tease her for her love of this brand and ask her why she wouldn’t create something similar she would always reply she didn’t want something similar- she wanted to own the Buggysnuggle brand one day. 

Fast forward several years later, when Lia heard that Sarah was looking for a new owner she got in touch, without hesitation, knowing that she wanted to take Buggysnuggle to its next phase. It seemed like the perfect story…to pass the reins from one mum to another and from one family to another. Now celebrating its 21st year, Sarah has now sold the company to Lia, who takes over the next stage of the company development as the new owner with immediate effect.

Lia comments, “After personally admiring this beautiful British brand for over 17 years, I am over the moon to officially take on the reins as the new owner of this much-loved brand; by not only British parents, but by many around the world. I couldn’t be happier at the opportunity and I thank the lovely Sarah Wickins in trusting me with her baby. She has done an incredible job over the past 20 years and I take my hat off to her. I hope to continue to spread the love (and the warmth) of the Buggysnuggle brand for many years to come.”

Sarah comments, “It was quite emotional going through the process and I cried on the day the contract was signed! Buggysnuggle had enabled both myself & Jo to be working mums with a pretty good work-life balance, to be successful and independent and create an iconic product recognised by parents! Who knows what the future holds for Lia but I'm looking forward to watching the next 10 years of "snuggly development" from a distance!”

Lia is well placed as a mum and award-winning entrepreneur, and with her experience in the baby market, to take the brand to its next stage. Even her two daughters are so excited, they are drawing designs! Watch this space for more “snuggly stuff” to come with new designs and products planned for late 2019 and beyond.

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